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See This Two Beautiful Ladies Fighting Over A Jobless Guy In Public (VIDEO)


Well, wonders shall never end. Two women who should be doing something to better their life rather preferred to fight over a jobless guy in public. We learnt that the guy is a newspaper seller and he has been dating them simultaneously until one faithful day, the two women came to see him on the same day and fight started. The guy just watched as the women were fighting over him.

In his mind, he’ll be saying…’If dem like…make them kill their self’.

This is hilarious. See the pics above. The video is very disturbing so we decided not to post it, but if you want the download link posted, indicate by leaving a comment and it will be posted ASAP. Share your thoughts below.


  1. Useless ladies dat s wat d r. Educatd gal wudnt involve demselves in2 doing dis.

  2. hmmn! see the guys asking for the video link.. they were both fighting over what they cherish.. if only girls knew that its actually not worth it.msthewwwww!!!

  3. Victor chima okani

    Send it

  4. Na wo,send it jor

  5. Pls post me d link

  6. i’ll like to see what is so disturbing about video so kindly send me the link ASAP…

  7. the two girls are not okey bcos they need to see a doctor for checkup of the brain

  8. Send it

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