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Hidden Secrets About Some Nigerian Celebrities You Don’t Know – Exposed!!!

Over the years I have the chance to work, socialize and be close friends with a whole lot of Nigerian celebrities from all sectors of the Entertainment Business. Be it Actors and Actresses, Musicians, Producers, DJs, Comedians, Fashion Designers, Producers and Directors, Models, Photographers, Writers and even Dancers.
When I am talking of celebrities, I am refering to the “A Class” who is who in their respective fields. As I am currently typing this, I can count nothing less than 186 of them I have on my BlackBerry contact and get to see at least 5 each week on a crucial business or social discussion as it maybe.
I have noticed that Nigerians have a very wrong perspective about their stars and as such also believe every single thing they read in the tabloids and hear on the news. In order to cut a very long story short, below are some of the things Nigerians should know about their celebrities before getting envious or jealous of them.

* Even after coming from Grass to Grace so many of them still do thing that will take them back to Grass – How else can you explain when someone who barely has N2million in his account takes loan of N15million from a Finance lending us “on the ground of public figure” to acquire a single car of N8million, spends N3million to shoot his hit singles and in less than 2 months this same person is complaining of being extremely broke and looking for other means to collect another loan without settling the first.

Most of Nigerian celebrities live on VERY FAKE LIVES. They are only as rich as the car they drive and nothing else. There’s this particular celeb that’s stays in a uncle’s house in Lekki. This celeb made a public stunt claiming ownership of the house and the 2 exotic cars being used to cruise around. Unknown to the public, this celeb’s uncle is the owner of the house and cars but because he is based overseas, he gave this particular celeb the keys to the house and car only for the celeb to paint a fake life claiming ownership of the properties.

There’s this other young celeb who 2 years back was a big name in the entertainment industry. This celeb was so big that under 6 months of coming into limelight, was given several awards and toured different countries. This celebrity was so wasteful that he acquired a single automobile of N5.5million then while still squating with a cousin. After he had a scuffle with his cousin, he moved in with a very good friend in his 2 bedroom apartment on the mainland.

Neighbors had to report to the landlord of the house to evict the “main tenant” because as they put it, this particular celeb crawls night every single day and doesn’t know the difference between night and day as a plays songs so loudly in the house and car that the effect is felt even 2 building away. When the main occupant was given the option of evicting the house or sending this celeb out, he chose the lather which saw the celeb moving into a room and parlour apartment in the outskirt of town.

He was forced to go underground when he was being chased all over by people he owed and at a point, one of his close friends had to seize his only asset (the car) because he couldn’t keep waiting on the promises of the day to be paid.

Until other friends intervened before the car was given back to the Celeb.
This particular one is very handsome, a smooth talker and dresses very well. He is believed to be one of the richest in his field because he changes cars at least every other month. Unknown to the general public, all those cars except the very first car he bought which he gave to a friend to be using are all on lease. He was introduced by one of his girlfriends to a very big car dealer in town who agreed to always give him latest and exotic ride only on the condition that he will refer as many celebs as possible to come purchase their cars from the car dealer.

This is definitely going to shock a whole lot of people but it is a known fact to the “inner caucus” that 6 out of every 10 Nigeria reigning celebrities always act as Fronts for politicians, government workers and top rated fraudsters to help launder money overseas.

A lot of this celebrities (majority of them who are females) get between 5-15% of the total money to be laundered abroad. This explains why even when most of them have nothing to prove for their continuous travels overseas, they just never get to stoptraveling. They always lie to the press they are on “tour” to about 6 countries at a go and people in those countries can’t attest to them coming over for any performance. but the truth is they help this politicians and government workers stack away money.

Don’t Be Glad You Have A Celebrity On Your Contact – If you have one notable celebrity on your Blackberry contact it is stressful enough most especially when the person is a musician or producer.

Having more than one can be killing. Most of these celebrities are the worst broadcasters you can find on earth. A lot of them will send meaningless broadcast of shows they are not performing at or events they suggest you go to as early as 5:30am and as late as 2am. They usually don’t know that even though their job keeps them on the road till that late at night, others with a different job type just will be sleeping at those odd hours.

There is this particular celeb that stays on a service flat on the Island and he particular told me he pays 6 digits in DOLLARS per year for the rent of his apartment. The sad thing is he NEVER allows his family members come over to his apartment. His younger brother who earlier this year relocated to Lagos with the believe that he will wine and dine with his notable celeb of a brother was shocked to his marrows when the very day he came, his brother sent him to one of their other brothers place in the outskirt of Lagos with the excuse that his brother was going to be a distraction to his career.

Whereas the truth his, he is trying to hide the extremely flamboyant lifestyle he is currently living.
He basically gives his family a paltry sum in the name of upkeep whereas spends heavily on women, drinks, clothes (and hard drugs. Don’t tell anyone I told you this).
……To Be continued

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